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Waiting Room

Studio HLÉ

101 Reykjavík

Opening hours
25.03 | 11:00 - 20:00
26.03 | 11:00 - 17:00

Dagmar Atladóttir
Ylona Supèr
Music: Daníel Auðunsson 
Fashion: Íris Sif Kristjánsdóttir


HLÉ formally invites you to our waiting room to come and wait with us. We welcome your inquiries and offer our assistance. We serve entertainment as well as coffee. We are here waiting for you. Enjoy the wait.

We are here waiting. We are here waiting for you. It might be so, that you happen to be waiting too. For us, for him, for her, for life to pass by. Waiting for an answer, for a direction, or just waiting. Sitting and waiting in a room. In this room, in this container. In this container, which we made a waiting room. For you.  

While you are sitting here waiting, your mind will start to wander. Your eyes will go over all the objects that are here in this space. Are these objects even real, you will wonder... Is this waiting room even real. Or did you just become part of this hyper reality? What are you actually doing here? Are you waiting on something or someone or are you just passing by to see what is going on?  

This doesn’t even make sense. It isn’t even real fruit. You might like the colours that we picked or you might think they are horrible. This whole situation with the objects and the colours is strange, especially with this soundscape that is going on. I mean you recognize all the stuff and might even have a story connected to some of it. Which will trigger an emotion. In this space. In this container. But do you even want that? Is this even design? It looks more like a movie set of some art house indie film. What was that film called again? The one with the hotel on this mountain. I think Jude Law was in it. In this bathtub. I remember that there was a bathtub and some lift.  

Anyway, if you think about it, isn’t this what we do in our daily lives too? Creating hyper realities, simulacra of signs and rituals that don’t even have an original reality anymore? So now you are here in this container. Waiting in a fake waiting room. I mean not really fake because it is here. But still, you know what we mean. We created this space, space of the reality that you know and the fiction that you know. Or is it vice versa? Maybe sit and think about it for a while before you step outside. By all means you are in a waiting room anyway. So enjoy the wait. 

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