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Design Diplomacy x Swedish Embassy


Swedish Ambassador's Residence
Fjólugata 9
101 Reykjavík

24.03 | 15:00

Jesper Kouthoofd
Sigga Heimis

This new addition to the DesignMarch programme takes you to the diplomatic circles.

In this concept, created by Helsinki Design Week and first launched in 2016, we invite you to the diplomats’ residences for a series of design-centred discussions.

Bosse Hedberg, the Swedish Ambassador in Reykjavik has invited two designers - Jesper Kouthoofd (SWE) and Sigga Heimis (ISL) for a conversation powered by a specially designed game of question cards.

Drinks and snacks will be provided and you'll have a chance to speak to the designers and other guests once the card game is finished in an informal mingling session.

Please note, because of the limited space, only registered guests will be admitted to the event.


Jesper Kouthoofd is CEO and co-founder of Teenage Engineering - one of the most interesting and innovative consumer electronics brands of the last years. In the 1990s Kouthoofd was an art director at one of the toughest ad agencies in the world, Paradiset. He was also one of the founders of Acne, the multi-disciplinary creative collective which spawned, amongst other things, the epynomous fashion label.

Sigga Heimis is an industrial designer from IED/Domus in Milan, Italy. She has worked in different fields of industrial and product design and was an in-house designer at Ikea/Sweden for 7 years. After that she has worked as a Design Manager for Fritz Hansen in Denmark. Now she focuses fully on the Sigga Heimis studio. One of her passions is working with various design schools in the world and she has held countless lectures and workshops about design.

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